New Life In Broken, Discarded Vessels

20160722_174110When I was walking a potential property last month, I looked down and saw these bottles actually buried in the ground.  I kept walking, but I heard the Lord say, “Stop. Turn around and really look at them.” So I got up close and realized that in this discarded, buried, dirty and cracked bottle, there was something LIVING in it!  It was actually kind of beautiful, with the green of the little leaves making it look like a jewel embedded in the dirt, covered by the dead leaves.

I believe God was saying that the discarded, broken bottle was an example of the people He wants to take care of.  They are broken, they have been discarded by everyone else, feeling buried by their problems and hopeless that they will ever be found. But God will fill them will new life through His Spirit, He will give them not only hope for a new future, but dignity and purpose in helping others, all because those of us who are called to this vision are willing to sacrifice on His behalf to make it happen.

If you are called to give people the opportunity for new life in every area, spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally, vocationally, and financially, then Contact Us to find out how you can help. – Creating a sustainable way of life for the homeless.