NEED VOLUNTEERS for North Canton Women And Children Transition Home

***WE ARE LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS*** for our upcoming WOMEN & CHILDREN TRANSITION HOUSE. We need commitments for the following needs:
1) HOUSE MANAGER – someone in North Canton (near Riverstone Pkwy) who can visit the house once a day to check the condition of the house and make sure it is being well maintained by the residents, and report any maintenance or other issues to Koinonia.
2) ADVOCATES (3) – one volunteer per single mother to call them on a daily basis and encourage them, find out what their needs are, and help coordinate whatever it takes to meet their family’s needs. The Advocate also meets with the mother and children once a week in person to go over a financial workbook and help her manage her money.
3) TRANSPORTATION – Our goal is to help obtain work within walking distance of the house for women who do not have transportation (somewhere along Riverstone Pkwy), but we may have transportation needs for jobs, shopping and medical appointments. These volunteers would be utilized on an as-needed basis.
4) CHILD CARE – Another goal is for the women to be on staggered work schedules, so that they can help each other with child care if needed. However, we need to provide back up childcare for work whenever possible. These volunteers would be utilized on an as-needed basis.

If you would like to be involved in any of these capacities, please use our Contact Us form and let us know. THANKS!