July 24, 2016

Get Involved

There are many ways that you can get involved, but of course, giving financially is a huge way. So we’re just going to put a button to that right up front, just so you don’t miss it!

or you can mail a check or money order to
Koinonia Communities, PO Box 328, Holly Springs, GA 30142-0006

or just call us at 678-813-0714 and we will pick up any donation from you.

Now, let’s tell you our top needs:

  1. PRAYER. Those of you who are prayer warriors called to pray for your county (and you know who you are immediately), please contact us so we can keep you updated on our needs. So far, we have found great favor with each organization with whom we have spoken, but there will always be resistance when it comes to placing people that others deem “undesirable” near where they live.  We need to find land near a welcoming community, because we will not fight against them. God has chosen the perfect place for His community – we just need to be obedient to listen and obey to find it. Also pray that we continue to find favor with everyone involved in the local government, including the local school board.
  2. MONEYEvery enterprise we undertake strives to be financially self-sufficient, meaning that the people we help are expected, whenever possible, to pay for the services they use.  However, some of them will need help paying for a bed in the beginning, or may get sick and miss work and need financial assistance.  We also need money for beds, furniture, linens, towels, cleaning and household supplies for rental houses.  We need money to purchase, lease, repair and maintain houses. And there will always be unforeseen needs that will require additional funds. You can help with any of this.
  3. RENTAL HOUSES. We need to rent houses in which we can sublet rooms to low income families. We would oversee and be responsible for the maintenance of the house. Houses that are lease purchases, affordably priced for sale, or simply for rent can help us take people off of the street.
  4. WORK OPPORTUNITIES.  We need a steady supply of work opportunities throughout the county so residents can, at the very least, make enough money to keep their family sleeping in beds at night.  Networking with individuals and businesses through local churches and agencies can help us connect residents who need to make money with any job, no matter how small.  Full beds accommodating an individual, husband and wife, or 2 children, will each average about $15/night.
  5. RECREATIONAL VEHICLES. We need RVs so we can provide emergency shelter at local campgrounds. Clients would have to pay the campground fees, but we would provide the RV.
    1. MONITORING – Oversee maintenance of rental houses – volunteers to rotate through daily house visits to make sure residence is kept clean by residents, report needs for repairs.
    2. CLEANING – Provide cleaning and maintenance of rental houses when necessary. This would most likely be in between resident stays.
    3. FINDING RENTAL HOUSES – look through advertisements and check with home owners to ask if we can lease their house for our clients, monitoring and taking responsibility for the maintenance of the house.
    4. REPAIRING RENTAL HOUSES – if houses require repairs, we need people ready to handle them.
    5. FURNISHING RENTAL HOUSES – help us find donations of furniture, and people to build bunk beds.
    6. FOOD – Donate food for residents.
    7. JOBS – Help us locate permanent, part-time or intermittent work for residents.
    8. TRANSPORTATION – Help with transportation of residents to jobs, medical appointments, or shopping.
    9. CHILD CARE – Help with emergency childcare for working parents.
    10. CLOTHING – Coordinate all available clothing resources. Possibly take a resident to a local consignment shop and purchase some clothing for them, or bring them good quality clothing in their size to try on and select from.  We will keep a select of basic clothing in multiple sizes for emergency purposes, but will not have a clothing store.
    11. VOCATIONAL TRAINING – we would like to provide vocational training for our Transitional residents to assist them in obtaining better jobs in an effort to support themselves.  Training in all areas that would increase their chances of getting a job are needed.  If you have a business and would consider letting them intern to learn a trade, that would be excellent training as well.
    12. FINANCIAL/BUDGETING TRAINING – help train clients to manage their money.
    13. FUNDRAISING – we need help in raising money.  If you would consider sharing the opportunity to participate in this ministry at your church, at your job, or within your network, it would help us greatly. We can give you the marketing materials and tools necessary – we just need you to access your contacts to find out whose heart has already been prepared by God to give of their finances and/or their time to the homeless.  You are giving them the opportunity to walk by faith and in turn receive a blessing from God.  Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed. Proverbs 19:17
    14. MARKETING – we need everyone in the county to know about Koinonia Communities and what we are doing. We need marketing ideas and people to implement those ideas. If you are creative, like to talk to others, or can just hand out flyers or business cards, we need you.

There are more than enough ways for you to get involved. If you know of anyone else who has a passion for any of these things and would like to participate in creating this Village, please let them know about us and have them contact us.