January 17, 2018

Get Involved

  1. PRAYER. Those of you who are prayer warriors called to pray for your county (and you know who you are immediately), please contact us so we can keep you updated on our needs. So far, we have found great favor with each organization with whom we have spoken, but there will always be resistance when it comes to placing people that others deem “undesirable” near where they live.  We need to find land near a welcoming community, because we will not fight against them. God has chosen the perfect place for His community – we just need to be obedient to listen and obey to find it. Also pray that we continue to find favor with everyone involved in the local government, including the local school board.
  2. MONEYOnce we find the necessary land for this Village, we must be able to purchase it. Now it is completely possible for God to put it on someone’s heart to donate the necessary land, but should that not happen, we need the finances to purchase the land, and then to make the improvements.  We will need building materials and money for all permits, utilities and associated fees.  We will need to furnish the residences, lodge and shelter. We will need kitchen equipment for preparing and storing food.  We will need a handicap accessible van or bus, plus several vehicles. Once we reach our tipping point and have the community up and running, the income from the rentals should provide a majority of the funding required to sustain it. But first we have to reach that tipping point.
  3. LAND. We need at least 25 – 30 acres zoned appropriately in a community that will welcome us. As level as possible would be best, since some of our residents will have physical disabilities. Some trees would be nice for the shade, but we need room for a 5 acre farm to sustain the Village with prepared and stored food, to feed others in the county, and to use the surplus to create products to sell for additional income.  We need room for the following buildings / residences:
    1. a Community Building with a kitchen and bathrooms, and some storage for extra items, like emergency clothing, extra dishes and silverware to replace broken or lost items, extra linens and towels.
    2. a Lodge/Bunkhouse (individual rooms with beds only) for transitional housing with electricity only,
    3. a Shelter (open room with cots and/or bunks, with a wall dividing men and women with electricity only,
    4. cabins with electrical only,
    5. RV sites with electrical only (if the county will allow RVs),
    6. multiple bathhouses with laundry areas spread about the Village so all areas have access,
    7. a clinic for on-site medical care (will require plumbing),
    8. a chapel for religious services, recovery meetings, training classes,
    9. a kennel for resident’s animals, and rescue animals from the Humane Society,
    10. an administrative office.
    1. Farming – this is how the community will help to sustain itself with food, and generate additional income. We need experienced gardeners and farmers to create the garden and teach the residents how to maintain it. We need gardeners to start farming on their own lands so we can begin to prepare food, and even have crops to transplant when the land is available.
    2. Food preparationwe will offer meals to our residents based primarily from the garden and donated foodstuffs. We will use excess to feed others outside of the Village, and finally store and package it for sale to bring additional income into the Village. We will need people to teach our residents how to prepare foods in large quantities for meals, how to store foods for later use and for resale.  We will also need volunteers to help train the Food Truck workers how to prepare smaller quantities of food for resale.
    3. Building Constructionthis includes all land preparation, such as grading and clearing if required, as well as pouring concrete for roads.  We will need to build the Community Building first, so we can start processing food, have a few bathrooms, and use the space for meetings and feeding volunteers. We need the bath houses with laundry areas built before residents move in, because there will not be running water in the RVs or cabins, only electric.  Next, pouring pads for RVs and cabins, and building cabins and ramps as needed for those with disabilities. Then we will build the kennels, for any animals that residents bring with them.  The final buildings will be completed after that.
    4. Interior Designwe will need volunteers who are willing to provide the RVs and cabins with the necessary furnishings and decor. We want everything to be clean and pleasant for our residents, in good condition.
    5. RV Renovationwe will need renovation for donated RVs. We must ensure that there are no leaks, and that the RV is solid and presentable (if the county will allow RVs).
    6. Vehicle Repairto maintain the vehicles, and/or repair donated vehicles so they can be used for transportation of residents.
    7. Clothing – we would like volunteers to either take a resident to a local consignment shop and purchase some clothing for them, or bring them good quality clothing in their size to try on and select from.  We will keep a select of basic clothing in multiple sizes for emergency purposes, but will not have a clothing store.
    8. Cosmetologists – we would love for you to volunteer to do a makeover for any of our residents, especially those looking for jobs in the community and need a more professional look.  Anything you can do to make them feel special and worthy is greatly appreciated.
    9. Health CareBethesda Community Clinic has offered to handle the on site clinic, but we are always looking for volunteers who want to assist in this area.
    10. Animal Carekennels will need to be cleaned, animals fed and exercised. The goal is for our residents to take care of the animals as part of their volunteer duties, but extra volunteers will always be welcome to interact with the animals. Volunteers with experience in animal training would be very helpful, too. We will also need voluntary Veterinary care for sick or injured animals. On site care would be preferable if at all possible.
    11. Vocational Trainingwe would like to provide on-site vocational training for our Transitional residents to assist them in obtaining better jobs in an effort to support themselves.  Training in all areas that would increase their chances of getting a job are needed.  If you have a business and would consider letting them intern to learn a trade, that would be excellent training as well.
    12. Fundraisingwe need help in raising money.  If you would consider sharing the opportunity to participate in this ministry at your church, at your job, or within your network, it would help us greatly. We can give you the marketing materials and tools necessary – we just need you to access your contacts to find out whose heart has already been prepared by God to give of their finances and/or their time to the homeless.  You are giving them the opportunity to walk by faith and in turn receive a blessing from God.  Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed. Proverbs 19:17
    13. Marketingwe need everyone in the county to know about Koinonia Communities and what we are doing. We want to reach into the schools and create contests for researching green/sustainable ideas for the Village. We have other ideas as well, and need community sponsors to provide the prizes for these contests. We need marketing ideas and people to implement those ideas. If you are creative, like to talk to others, or can just hand out flyers or business cards, we need you.
  5. Materials for the buildings and land improvements – all construction supplies, including lumber, concrete, siding, roofing, etc.
  6. RVs for renovation.  They must be in good enough condition to repair without spending too much money on it (if the county will allow RVs).
  7. Work OpportunitiesWe need a steady supply of work opportunities throughout the county so residents can, at the very least, make enough money to keep their family sleeping in beds at night.  Networking with individuals and businesses through local churches and agencies can help us connect residents who need to make money with any job, no matter how small.  Full beds accommodating an individual, husband and wife, or 2 children, will each average about $15/night.
  8. Vehicles
    1. a handicap accessible van or bus, as well as
    2. other vans or vehicles to transport residents to the store, appointments, work, and connection with other transportation.
    3. We would also like a Food Truck to be able to feed others in the community, and also sell prepared food as a source of income.

There are more than enough ways for you to get involved. If you know of anyone else who has a passion for any of these things and would like to participate in creating this Village, please let them know about us and have them contact us.