December 17, 2016

Working Together To Find Work

You have to have money to live somewhere – that is how the world works. So helping to locate opportunities to make enough money to live in a safe place is integral to the process of providing sustainable solutions for homelessness.

Complicating this process is often a lack of transportation and a lack of childcare.  If you can’t get to work, or ensure that your children are in a safe place while you work, the solution will not happen. So although we cannot account for every possibility, we want to coordinate enough volunteer support to help ensure our residents’ success.

Koinonia would like to connect with businesses and individuals who can provide permanent, part-time and intermittent job opportunities for our residents, so they can afford to stay off of the streets.  If a single mother can somehow bring home $200 a week, she and her children could have a safe place to sleep while she looks for more permanent work.  Cleaning, lawn work, painting, repairs, tutoring, child care, and food preparation are only a few of the opportunities that could make a life-changing difference in the lives of a homeless family.  We need to stay connected to willing and interested organizations who can publicize these needs for work among their members.

In order to do this, we need to do the following:

  1. Assemble a team of volunteers who will offer services such as:
    – monitor resident’s progress toward finding sufficient work to cover living expenses
    – help with transportation for work opportunities
    – help with crisis childcare for working parents until permanent childcare can be found
    – help with personalized educational and vocational training, including training them to have a home based business
  2. Provide paying work (permanent, temporary or intermittent) to a resident.  Odd jobs, such as cleaning, painting, small repairs, tutoring, etc. can help a displaced person help make enough money to keep their family housed while they try to obtain permanent work that will sustain them over the long term.
  3. Help us create a network of organizations to locate and/or provide permanent, part-time or intermittent work opportunities for residents.  If we can connect with churches and other agencies who will promote our needs for small jobs to their members and supporters, that would be the most efficient method of connecting residents with work.

If you can help us in any of these 3 areas, please Contact Us.